merchant controls

Control who charges you

Ever thought you cancelled a subscription, only to have the company still try to charge you? That’s done, with Truecard1,2.

How it works


Set up your subscriptions, bills, and recurring payments with Truecard. No brainer.


If you need to cancel one of these subscriptions (we can help you with that), you can go ahead and block the company from charging you.

What makes it great

You’re in control

No need to write, call, get permission, or explain anything to Truecard. You can block problematic subscriptions with a single tap in the app.

As permanent as you want

If a company gets back in your good graces, you can unblock them anytime.

(1) Truecard is Powered by Deserve and issued by Celtic Bank, a Utah-Chartered Industrial Bank, Member FDIC.
(2) Pre-approval does not guarantee an account approval and you must submit a full application for review in order to apply for any offer(s) of credit. Submitting for a pre-approval is how you find out if you may be eligible for a Truecard without impacting your credit score.