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Pando is the online tech blog and news outlet founded by Sarah Lacy following her departure from Techcrunch. Paul Carr was brought on shortly after launch, and the blog covers topics around tech, Silicon Valley, media, and of course, Uber.

on July 28th 2016
I can best sum up Pando as an egotistical and vindictive version of Techcrunch. I do appreciate that they're willing to take a stand when needed (and often when not needed), and Paul Carr is probably the most entertaining journalist out there. At the same time, it feels like the writers often use the blog as their own personal avenue for settling vendettas. We get it, you don't like Uber, but that's got a good reason to publish a hit piece on them every other day. No one's asking for journalistic objectivity, just something above a transparent hit-piece. Some of their coverage is actually pretty great, you unfortunately have to sift through a whole lot of negativity to get to it.
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