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Lower my bills
Bank-level security | 256-bit SSL encryption
You connect your billSTEP 1You connect your billEasily connect your bill either by logging in or by snapping a photo. Our expert negotiators immediately get to work finding hidden discounts and promo rates available to you.
We negotiate your billSTEP 2We negotiate your billOur team gets to work negotiating your bill. We never downgrade or remove your services. Instead we lower your bill by either negotiating a better rate, or by getting 1-time credits applied to your account.
You save moneySTEP 3You save moneyOnce the negotiation is complete you'll receive an email letting you know your bill has changed and how much you'll be saving.
Lower my bills
Bank-level security | 256-bit SSL encryption
MoneyWe split the savingsOur fee is 40% of your savings. If you save $100, we take $40. If we can’t negotiate any savings, you pay nothing.

Who we negotiate with

We work with many of the nation’s largest providers, negotiating bills. Here are just a few:
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Lower my bills
Bank-level security | 256-bit SSL encryption

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